With most of the team working within the controls and electrical industry for their entire professional background, Drives Online can draw on a wealth of experience. That means Drive Online are not just a highly skilled workforce, but also a company with a deep and clear understanding of the industry, with a dynamic ability to deliver correct solutions for your application with lasting success.

Drives Online offer a comprehensive range of services with dedicated on-site service and installation service. With an experience within the industry, Drives Online can genuinely put the customer first from its top class engineers, online distribution and focused customer service.

Before any work is carried out, clients can request an estimate for any repairs or replacements, totally free of charge and with no obligation.

Note: We endeavor to make all repairs in house to damaged or faulty drives. However, during periods of high demand and component level repairs we do on occasions out source our work to Drive Online verified sub contractors. This will be notified to you before any repairs are undertaken.

Any Items of equipment found to be none repairable will be notified to you and no charge will be made for the investigation works. If you require the equipment be returned to you we will however, make a charge for it carriage (for delivery costs please click here). If you don’t want the equipment return we will make suitable arrangement for it’s safe disposal.

Our service contracts offer peace of mind and security, ensuring that all equipment is kept in check and in prime condition.

Other services include on-site energy surveys, “Inverter in a box” (inverter control panels prefabricated for easy installation on-site) and integration of drives into BEMS and PLC systems.

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